Cork nativity scene. Recycling crafts for Christmas

In we teach you how to make a homemade nativity scene with cork stoppers. A perfect craft for children as it teaches them the value of recycling while allowing them to create their own Birth for Christmas.

Learn to create, step by step, this original Cork nativity scene in a very easy way, an ideal craft for children to do at school or at home.

  • 3 corks
  • Colored felt
  • Black wool
  • Cutter
  • gauze
  • Black marker
  • Pins

1- We cut wool and glue it to the cork with tape. It will be the hair of Saint Joseph.

2- We wrap the cap in a piece of felt leaving space for the face. We put another one as a tunic. We fasten both fabrics with pins.

3. Paint the face with a marker and repeat the same process for the Virgin Mary, but choose other colors for the clothes.

4. Cut a cork in half, letting one be thicker than the other. Wrap the little girl around the house and pin the two together. You already have your homemade nativity scene with cork!

Video: Easy Christmas Nativity set made recycling popsicle sticks. Christmas decor (August 2021).