Mother-child bond and breastfeeding

The mother-baby bond, are the emotional ties that establish between the mother and her child; It is a biological instinct, it is not provoked, but it occurs in the first moments after birth and it guarantees the survival of the newborn and promotes the replication and protection of the species.

Attachment is something unconscious that makes the mother respond to the needs of the baby, and ensures that it can establish fundamental neurological connections, the close contact between the two stimulates areas of the baby's brain that are decisive for its future.

Secure attachment, a strong bond with the mother has proven to be crucial for the child in the future and later adult can establish healthy, safe relationships with other people. Make it socially normalized.

The foundations of a baby's secure attachment relationship with its mother are:

- Establishment of the mother-child bond: from pregnancy she is already related to her child.

- Primary maternal concern: that is, the innate response of the mother to respond to the needs of her child immediately, it is thought to be a hormonal mechanism.

- Breastfeeding on demand.

When a mother breastfeeds her child, a magical atmosphere is established, in which she not only offers him food, but also a series of necessary mechanisms are put in place so that attachment is maintained, mother-child ties are strengthened. It is such an intimate contact, so special; that at the neurological level stimulations are produced in the brain of the baby and the mother.

There are two hormones necessary in breastfeeding, which also play a leading role in bonding:

- Prolactin: necessary for the production of milk, but that on an emotional level makes the mother pay attention to the needs of her child.

- Oxytocin: responsible for the milk ejection, it is the hormone of infatuation, it already makes both fall in love with each other. That the looks between the two are full of meaning, the smell that they give off is recognized by both.

Thanks to breastfeeding, a dialogue is established without words between the two, an intimate communication. The skin-to-skin contact, the caresses, the taste of the mother. The baby feels protected in its mother's arms, and the mother feels capable of protecting her baby.

So we can conclude that breastfeeding is a protective factor to have emotionally healthy adult children, the contact that is established between mother and child during feedings makes the mother's breast the ideal environment to establish the bases of attachment.

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