Ideas to be with the family and live Christmas

I think that the true core of Christmas is the family, is to bring together, whenever possible, siblings, children, uncles, cousins, grandparents, friends ..., to enjoy an evening together, share a table, gifts and illusions, or even a Christmas trip. How do you live Christmas in your family? In your opinion, what is the most important thing at Christmas for a family?

In one of the interviews that the writer and doctor of psychology gave, Javier Urra, to our site, we have learned that living Christmas as a family means above all giving and receiving love. Christmas is a good time for tenderness, to get into the kitchen with the children, to chat, sing and dance with them, tell them Christmas stories, to encourage long and extended gatherings among all, to share and exchange gifts, books, music , and even moments of loneliness or 'doing nothing'.

At Christmas, let's put uncertainties aside, pessimism and negative ideas. Let's put aside resentments, work problems, adversities, separations, and center them around the positive. Optimism should be an ethical obligation during Christmas, a renewal and rebirth of thoughts, attitudes and feelings.

Let us teach children, from a very young age, to live Christmas in a more spiritual way, with joy, with more meaning, away from the whirlwind to get the perfect gift. Children are happy when they feel part of a family, in the tasks that Christmas implies, such as preparing dinner, wrapping gifts, preparing the table, choosing what they are going to play at, what Christmas songs or carols they are going to sing, decorate the Christmas tree, throw a little party ...

The ideal for a family Christmas, is to relive and rediscover together the true reason why you live Christmas.

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