How much does it cost to have a child in Spain

The arrival of a baby is always a joy in every home. Although not all of them come with a ‘bread under their arm’ as the saying goes. The initial expenses necessary for the first year of life of our son range between 7,000 euros and 11,238 euros, according to a study carried out by the first consumer association that emerged in Spain, the CEACCUU.

Only the first month the initial outlay involves an expense of 1900 euros according to the Federation of Independent Users and Consumers, due to the immediate needs that the arrival of a baby brings. During the first year of the baby's life we ​​have to face essential expenses in terms of clothing and footwear, vaccines, accessories, hygiene products, food and childcare, which represent a significant outlay for families.

1- Clothes and footwear: Babies grow very fast, especially during the first year, which means that approximately every three months it is necessary to incorporate new clothing with an outlay of approximately 315 euros per quarter, which means about 1,200 euros per year. This money is destined to the purchase of pajamas, bodys, sets, socks or shoes among others. The cost of it depends on the brand and the store where it is purchased.

2- Vaccines: in Spain most of the vaccines that babies need are covered, but not all. There are some inoculations that, although recommended by pediatricians, are not included within those subsidized by the government. If parents decide to heed the recommendations and give them to their children, they have to add an approximate cost of 500 euros during the baby's first year.

3- Accessories: Among the most basic elements that a baby needs during its first year, we find a crib with a good mattress where we can rest peacefully, some sheets, and a stroller to be able to go out with our child to the street for a walk along with a cold winter jacket. Although it depends on the brand and the store in which these products are purchased, their average cost is usually around 600 euros at least.

To these accessories we need to incorporate the safety seat for the vehicle that ranges between € 109 and € 288, the bathtub that ranges between € 23 and € 109 and the troop where our baby will eat whose cost is between € 64 and € 244 according to a study carried out by the FUCI.

4- Hygiene products: If we consider an approximate amount of 6 to 8 diapers a day during the baby's first year of life, the cost of this product is 600 euros per year. To which we have to add approximately 400 euros in cost of wipes.

5- Baby feeding: Depending on whether you can maintain breastfeeding or not, these expenses may vary. In the event that this type of food is not possible, the costs of powdered milk, baby food and baby food approximately represent an expense of 1,400 euros per year.

6- Nursery school: In Spain, maternity leave is 16 weeks, so after this time, if the parents work, there is no choice but to leave our baby in the care of third parties to be able to join their jobs. If we do not have family help, this fact increases family spending with the use of the nursery, which can cost an average of 1200 euros per year in the best case, depending on whether it is a public or private center.

Cristina González Hernando. Editor of our site

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