How to know if your child needs support at school

Children have an amazing ability to learn. From a very young age they do it through play, observing what is happening around their environment and through their own experimentation. As they grow they “absorb” a multitude of knowledge in a natural way.

Learning should be fun and exciting for children. It is in school where new and interesting experiences must be found that give the child the opportunity to master certain skills and knowledge that will serve him for the future. But, How to know if the child needs more individualized attention? How to help him?

There may be times during the learning season when children stop organizing well, become more easily distracted, and pay less attention as their concentration begins to decline. Or times when they stop doing homework for fear of making a mistake.

These are some of the reasons why parents may think that giving their children a school reinforcement may be good. There are several factors that tell us that the little one needs support at school.

- School factors. It should be taken into account that children learn at different rates and in different ways. Many of the little ones need extra time to master certain learning skills.

- Personal factors. Children may have sensory problems such as poor hearing or seeing, or speech problems.

- Social factors. The socio-cultural level of the family, affective-emotional deficiencies, etc.

When there is some type of deficit derived from these factors or a combination of them that affects the child's learning, that is when special means will be needed so that the child can achieve the objectives set. Support for a child with a learning disability can be temporary or permanent. With this help, the school integration of the child with difficulties is sought.

It is very important that the family and teachers are attentive to the evolution of learning in the child to be able to detect early if there are any problems and to be able to act on them if necessary, so as not to impair the correct acquisition and consolidation of the knowledge acquired in childhood.

There are times when the little one just needs a private teacher or an academy as reinforcement. Others, if necessary, there are multidisciplinary teams in schools made up of psychologists, psychopedagogues, speech therapists or doctors among other types of professionals who help determine the needs, skills and monitoring of the child. The support that counseling teams can provide includes:

- Pedagogical reinforcement. Help is given to teachers and families to help the child to integrate into the curriculum.

- Educational orientation. The team makes the necessary assessments to the children based on the prevention and detection of the cases that need help.

- They give personalized attention depending on the needs and characteristics of the child.

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