How to teach children to underline texts

When children reach primary school, they have to assimilate more information and understand the texts they read, that is, they must learn to study, since little by little more will be demanded of them and, sometimes, it is very difficult for them . On our site we are going to explain the steps to follow so that they are able to retain in their memory what they read, a good trick to do this is to learn to underline the importance of a text.

- It is very important to have a good atmosphere so that children are relaxed and there is nothing to distract their attention.

- To begin with, we will ask them to do a general reading of the entire text, so the child will know what is being talked about and will be able to get an idea of ​​what to retain and the message that is to be transmitted. For example, they will know that the lesson is about means of transportation.

- If there are any strange words for them, We will explain its meaning or tell you to look for it, if necessary in a dictionary. Sometimes they "get stuck" with a more difficult word, in this case, we can look for a synonym that is more familiar to them and therefore easier to retain and understand.

For example, imagine that the phrase appears in the text: They used ropes to hold the bags to the carts.

We will explain the meaning of rope, but if, despite everything, this word is difficult to remember, we will change it to rope, which is much more familiar to the child and therefore easier to retain.

- After doing a second reading, and having clarified the meaning of the words, We will talk about the importance of underlining the keywords. They must learn to discover the most important words in the text, since it is not about pointing out the whole sentence without any criteria. The aim is that when reading the words that have underlined have made a summary of the most important thing of the reading.

- To underline we can choose a red marker that highlights the text and helps us synthesize what we read. We will start with short sentences and pointing out the nouns.

For example: A cart is a vehicle equipped with two wheels and pulled by an animal that is used to transport different objects.

- If later we ask ourselves, what is it? How is? So that? and what is underlined answers our questions we are on the right track.

Tips for a good underline

As the children get older and the texts are longer, we will teach them to underline with markers of different thicknesses and colors, and we will talk about the importance of getting used to using the same markers for content of the same relevance. For example:

- Titles and subtitles in green, main ideas in red, etc.

- When they are small it is good to distribute the study in short periods of time so that they do not get tired.

- With these guidelines, children will gradually learn to assimilate, understand and memorize the texts.

- Finally we will make it very clear that underlining without reading is a real waste of time.

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