Drum doll. Recycling crafts

In We suggest you make homemade toys with recycling material, it is an activity that will entertain children and will teach them the variety of recycling.

We teach you, step by step, how to make a fun drum doll using a cheese box, a recycled craft that will serve as a toy for children.

  • Cheese box
  • Colour cardboard
  • Scotch tape
  • Brush
  • Painting
  • Wool
  • Buttons
  • Pair of scissors
  • Pencil
  • Toothpick

1. First we paint the cheese box.

2. Now we take yellow cardboard and use the cheese box to draw the outline of the hair and cut it out. We draw our character's mouth on red cardboard and cut it out. Also the eyes with blue and white cardboard.

3. -We cut some yellow wool that we will use to create beautiful strands of hair. We will have to tie a knot in one of the sides to form a small ponytail.

4. Now is the time to join all the pieces that we have cut out using glue stick and tape.

5. Now we will pass the black wool through the holes of the button and we will make a knot, we will do the same with the other. When we have them ready, we will stick them on the side of the doll with adhesive tape. To finish we will introduce the toothpick at the base of the cheese box. And we have finished our pretty drum doll!

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