Video jokes for kids with Rag

Jokes amuse children and help them develop their agility and mental acuity. That is why we have compiled on video some short jokes for children told by our mascot, the ragged bear.

In books, at school, with his friends discover jokes and they become endless entertainment for them. Jokes stimulate children's good humor, encourage laughter, develop vocabulary, and amuse them. Children's jokes are good tools to provoke good and big smiles in children.

Traposo's videos compile the most popular jokes among children. Jaimito's jokes and those of 'The curtain opens' are some of the ones that the little ones in the house like the most. We invite you to share with the Traposo bear, the mascot of GuĂ­, a selection of very funny children's jokes.

Jaimito jokes. Jaimito's traditional jokes for the entertainment and fun of the little ones. Children's jokes, leisure and humor for children. Ragged Bear tells jokes about Jaimito

Movie jokes. In this video, Traposo Bear, our site's mascot, tells funny jokes for kids about: the curtain rises. Traditional jokes for children to try to guess and answer the fortune tellers. We have selected the funniest jokes for children and the whole family.

More jokes for children. Jokes can be a good tool to awaken laughter and good humor in children. Its benefits are incalculable. Invite your child to laugh by telling you some childish jokes. our site has prepared a selection of jokes for children, on various topics such as children's jokes, teachers, rag, short jokes ...

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Video: KIDS JOKES and so much more! Highlights Kids. Kids Videos (July 2021).