11 ideas for children's Advent Calendar

Christmas decoration with crafts

11 simple and easy homemade ideas to make an Advent calendar with children


Santa Claus is a key character for children's Christmas. Not only because he brings us gifts but also because he is someone who awakens a lot of tenderness in children.

To make this advent calendar with Santa Claus boots, you will need to gather different materials. White and red felt fabrics and a red thread. Each boot is cut out and then you decorate them and put the numbers, and to finish you hang them on a thread to the wall. Ready to be enjoyed by children.

With gingerbread cookies, very traditional at Christmas parties, you can make many ornaments to decorate Christmas. One of the most original ideas to make an Advent calendar for children is to do it with Christmas cookies, in different formats: stars, bells, dolls, Christmas trees, hearts, moons, etc.

We will make the cookies and then decorate them with dark and white chocolate, reserving the white chocolate to make the numbers of the days of the calendar.

If what you want is to make a Christmas calendar and decorate the house for Christmas at the same time, this idea may be ideal for you and your children: a Christmas tree made of cardboard or cardboard, filled with small bags made of felt different colors: red, white and brown.

To do this, you just have to make the bags and then add the gift, tie it with red satin ribbon and hang them on the Christmas tree. Don't forget to put a number for each day.

Chocolate is a food that cannot be missing in many homes for Christmas. With chocolate bonbons you can make this rich and exquisite advent calendar. You can cover the chocolates with dark, white or milk chocolate. Then decorate them with numbers of a different shade. A calendar to share and give to children. For each day, a different chocolate. Do you dare to do it?

If what you want is to make an advent calendar easy and in a fast and original way, this idea is going to enchant you. A very simple craft to make for and with children.

You will only have to make some bags with red felt or the color that you like the most, then put the surprise inside and finally, tie each one with a gold ribbon. Can't forget to put the numbers.

To make this advent calendar you will need a large piece of red and white felt, plaid fabric and nothing else. A small felt panel is made, then we sew small squares to them, to form the pockets.

To decorate it, you can make a family of snowmen, using the red and white felt and pieces of the plaid fabric. For the nose, a piece of orange felt is enough. Then, it only remains to draw the eyes and mouths of the dolls, and put numbers in each pocket.

A rustic and very original idea to make an advent calendar for children. To make them you will only have to make some bags or bags of jute or esparto, add the gift and then tie them with a red ribbon or the color you like best.

Then, put numbers on each bag and hang them on a rope with the help of a wooden clothespin. If you wish, you can decorate each bag with a heart made of felt.

Do you know any more sweet and exquisite advent calendar than this one? Well the kids will love it. What's more, it is an easy, fast and very simple idea to do with children.

You will only have to buy some candies, then cover them with different colored papers, and finally, join them with a thread. Do not forget to write on each candy a number for each day of the calendar. Beautiful and very original.

An inexpensive and very easy craft to do with and for children: an advent calendar made of small and curious gifts. To do this, we will need to recycle some cardboard boxes that we have, of different sizes.

Then, wrap each box with different wrapping papers, of all colors and shapes. You can use your imagination and decorate each gift as you wish. To finish, put stickers with the numbers, gift by gift.

A very simple and fast way to make an advent calendar can be with small envelopes that you can buy already made in a stationery store, or make them at home with gift papers or white sheets.

The envelopes are made, the gifts are put inside each one, we number them and we hang them on a small rope on the wall. To hang them, we can use wooden or plastic clips.

Many recycled materials can be used to make crafts with children. With some rolls of toilet paper, for example, we can make this beautiful advent calendar for children.

To do this, you will only need to save the rolls of toilet paper, a red card, then paint each roll green. When they are dry, add number stickers. And to finish, you just have to hang them on a cotton thread on the wall, and put little surprise gifts inside each roll. By the way, so that the gifts do not fall, you have to glue the bottom end of each roll.

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