Saint Bibiana's day, December 2. Names for girls

Bibiana or Viviana is a name for a girl of Celtic origin whose meaning is "the little one". A very appropriate name for a sensitive, sociable and tolerant girl. Celebrate your name day on December 2 which is the day of Saint Bibiana, a pious Roman woman from the 4th century, in whose honor a church was built that you can still visit today if you take a trip to Rome.

Bibiana It is not a very used girl's name in Spain, but it is in Latin America. You may find your daughter's name more attractive if you write it as Viviana, which is also another possibility. Vivienne It is a name for a girl widely used in France due to the long tradition of French chivalric novels where the leading ladies bore this name.

However, the best known is the English name They lived thanks to the legendary British actress Vivien Leight. As you can see, there are many and different spellings to write your girl's name. And the Spanish proverb has also left us a reference: "If it rains in Santa Bibiana, forty days and a week."

There is a fairy legend around the name Vivian that we especially liked and that includes the magician Merlin and the entire King Arthur universe, very conducive to stories of knights and eternal loves. Vivian, or the Lady of the Lake fell madly in love with Merlin whom she made drink from the Fountain of Youth so that the wizard would not grow old. Then he kept him a prisoner within nine circles of love for all eternity.

Many towns throughout South America bear the name of Santa Viviana, but it is in Italy that we find your daughter's name more often. We especially liked a town of almost 3000 inhabitants called Santa Bibiana, in the Piedmont region and, once in Italy, you cannot leave without visiting the basilica in Rome where the relics of Santa Bibiana are still kept.

If you want your daughter to learn to write herBibiana name in calligraphy and you can also color it in uppercase and lowercase letters with the colors you like the most, you just have to click on the name Bibiana to print her beautiful name.

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