Christmas carols videos with children's choir. Gift of Guiainfantil

We all know that singing in a choir is very healthy for children. There are studies that reveal that singing together has a positive impact on heart activity and lung capacity, since when you breathe at the same time, the brain keeps pace with the heartbeat. The hearts of children who sing in a choir beat in unison and their emotions tune in.

Singing in choir not only amuses and entertains children but also calms them, because they have to adjust their voices, words and rhythms. It is a great activity that can help control states of anxiety and impulsivity in children. Singing regulates emotions and stimulates communication with others. Through singing children can control their mental states. Other than that, singing in chorus too brings values ​​to children. Group work favors the participation and integration of children and teaches them rules of coexistence, socialization, apart from values ​​such as sharing, collaboration, solidarity, control of their will and respect.

As Christmas approaches it is common for many schools to start forming choirs to sing Christmas songs or carols. It is a way they have to transmit a Christmas message through song. It is a way of ensuring that both the children of the choir and the children who are going to assist them have the opportunity to meet and enjoy the messages that the Christmas songs bring.

Because singing is an artistic activity that stimulates creativity, favors the intelligence and language of children, and is a good communication tool, the team of He has been to some schools and has been able to record some Christmas carols with children's choirs. It has been an endearing and exciting experience, for which we thank everyone who made the recording possible. This has been the result of the videos we have recorded. We hope you like it.

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Video: Childrens Choir Sings Christmas Songs (August 2021).