How to get children to participate in class

If we want to have a participatory class, it is clear that children must be encouraged to participate from an early age and, the first space to encourage participation is the family followed by the school.

For many children, having to participate in class activities, or outside of it, and being the focus of attention, either because of their shyness or for other reasons, generates a lot of anxiety and nervousness, therefore, the best way to make them participate and also have fun, is through games since the attention is diverted on the whole group.

I think that if the teacher at the time of teaching their classes, manages to create a positive atmosphere and a climate of trust, or what is the same, it makes the children feel calm, loved and knows how to value their effort when they do things well , surely communication and participation will flow more normally and will have a lot of cattle.

If you also listen and pay attention to the comments made by less participatory children, You will know the topics that interest them the most and will be able to use them to motivate them and positively reinforce the students.

Still, there are always more shy children who have a hard time talking in front of their teacher or their classmates and have a really bad time when asked, that's why, use games to engage them as learning tools it can be very effective for us.

- It should be done in such a way that everyone's participation is essential and, much better, if the teacher or the adult who supervises the games can stay a little on the sidelines (although always attentive in case they need help) to let them carry out the activity themselves, that is, they are the children themselves who ask or involve their playmates in the different activities.

Let's imagine that the students are studying vertebrate animals.

The game will consist of making a circle or a line and calling out the name of an animal. The first child will say the name of his / her and will do a small imitation and, immediately afterwards, will pass an inflated balloon, (it can be a ball or anything else previously agreed) to the next child, who must continue with the game. It will be made clear that all children must participate and do their bit in our zoo. We can extend the game with all the content we can think of. With this activity, laughter will be guaranteed.

The game is an essential tool in the learning of our little ones. With this type of activity children, little by little, will gain confidence in themselves, which means that they will increase their self-esteem, they will know what freedom of expression and gender equality is, and we adults, we will have the opportunity to know what our children really are like.

To finish I leave you a phrase by Rudyard Kipling: «Words are the most powerful drug that mankind has invented»

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