Fourteen month old baby. Baby development month by month

At fourteen months of age, the baby continues to awaken and develop his motor skills. Its capacities are increased and allow the baby to bend down and get up on its own, and even to put a glass of water in its mouth. Some babies at this stage may also try to put the spoon in their mouth. A fourteen-month-old baby is curious, much more interactive and communicative. At the same time, fourteen month old babies They move more easily now, so they will always be following someone in the family.

After the review of the year and, unless something happens before or you notice a significant change in the baby, the child will not have to spend 14 months for the pediatrician's consultation, but it does not hurt that you go pointing in your little notebook (yes, without obsessing) how this evolution is being in terms of weight and size of your little one.

To give you an idea (it is not an exact rule, only indicative because it depends on what these data have been at the time of the child's birth), At 14 months a baby, boy or girl, usually weighs 11 to 13 kilos and measures 71 to 83 cm. At this stage, its growth is slower. You will no longer notice those 'stretches', in addition, he will gain weight more slowly because he eats less (we are in the middle of the introduction of solids) and he is a real climber who does not stop investigating and moving.

By the time they reach 14 months of age, their ventral ulna balance reflex is usually practically achieved. The baby manages to remain relatively stable against the influences of the environment. Balance is very important because the more comfortable your posture is, the more precision your baby will have in his coordination.

This is all due to a correct development and functioning of your locomotor system. The ankle, the sole of the foot, and the leg muscles have more strength. The knees are still slightly offset outwards and the sole of the foot is flattened by the weight of the body.

Each time the baby supports and balances better. In his fourteenth month of life his legs are already stronger and he will be able to walk from one place to another without pause. Child safety at home is very important at this stage, especially to prevent the baby from falling or having another accident.

It is necessary to protect the corners of the tables, cover the electrical outlets, put protection on the windows and prevent the baby from being alone in the kitchen, among other things. Babies can now control the movement of their arms. They will like to play with the balls, throw them or kick them. His coordination develops little by little, day after day.

It is advisable for the baby to wear comfortable, flexible and breathable footwear of their size. The front part that is flexible. If you have older siblings or cousins, they may have given you clothes and more objects, but never put your child on other people's shoes. Each child's footfall is different and can affect their development in the long run. And, very importantly, the foot of children up to 10 years old usually changes very quickly, so it would be recommended that you check their size every two or three months.

Most of the babies, during this stage, already begin to share the diet and the family menu, as long as it is varied and balanced. For this reason, it is advisable not to offer it so many flavors and textures. The best thing is that he gets used to the ones he has controlled and, very importantly, not forcing him to eat everything that is served on the plate. It is also advisable to prepare baked, steamed, roasted or grilled dishes and avoid fried, battered and breaded dishes whenever possible.

At this stage, you should continue without giving sugar or any food that has it. If the child has not tried it, he will not miss it and, with this simple gesture, we will be doing preventive work against the possible appearance of cavities and, what is worse, thedevelopment of childhood overweight and obesity.

The same thing happens with salt, which we must delay as much as we can, since the only thing that could be 'achieved' is to damage your kidneys by being unable to eliminate it, because your renal system is not yet 100%.

As the baby moves more, it is recommended that you drink a lot of water (the daily fluid needs at this age are estimated at 1,300 ml), eat fruit (be careful with possible allergies and reactions that may occur, for example, with peaches) and avoid eating between meals, such as bread or crackers, which will only reduce your appetite at mealtime.

At this stage the baby already has the ability to indicate what he wants with gestures and sounds, in addition to pointing out the parts of the body. Many babies will already know the names of objects, people and animals, already obey or follow messages like 'Give me a hug', 'Come here' or 'Get down'. They also recognize sounds and babble some words. He will like music, as well as dancing, and already uses 2 to 3 words. Guess which one is one of his favorites? He does not.

The development of the language to communicate will be one of the most outstanding learnings of this stage that begins at 12 months and lasts up to two years. Parents must bear in mind that each child has his own development and that there is no need to compare and, above all, that the best way to help him acquire more language is by talking to him (telling stories can help you a lot), playing with him ( You can make you call Grandma or Dad) and talking with him (what if we make sounds of animals that he knows like the dog or the cat?) ... We are the best example for our offspring!

The curiosity of the baby at this stage is very noticeable. At this age, the baby has already greatly improved his coordination. He manages to fill and empty a bucket of sand or water, he already holds a glass of water and brings it to his mouth and can grab his bottle of milk. To stimulate him, nothing better than to play to experiment or try, different textures, objects of different shapes, new food, etc. Have you thought about letting him eat only with his hands? Yes, we know, it can be crazy but also a way to stimulate you.

Others games that will favor their development and that are recommended by the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, in its report, 'Practical guide for parents. From birth to 3 years', they are opening and closing containers, fitting objects, recognizing oneself in a photograph or in the mirror, collaborating to undress, eating alone, climbing stairs hand in hand, encouraging chewing, asking him to do small errands of bring and carry things.

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