9 mealtime tips for ADHD kids

There are foods that children diagnosed with Attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity they should avoid, in the same way that others help them to focus. Thus, foods rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals are beneficial while those high in sugars, colorants or preservatives are not recommended.

In addition, it is recommended during meal time, to follow some basic guidelines that help the child to make a correct diet. In We give you some basic tips for hyperactive children's mealtime.

1- Establish 5 meals a day.

2- Plan schedules and routines at mealtime.

3- Try to eat the whole family together.

4- Teach to eat slowly and chew well, allocate 30 or 40 minutes for each meal.

5- Motivation and positive reinforcement is important for the child (for example: “how well there are only two bites left” or “great you are eating all the vegetables”).

6- Give clear and concise instructions (for example: "After finishing the meal you can go play").

7- Do not insist or force the child to eat, it is important to create a space of tranquility during meals.

8- Do not place large quantities on the child's plateIt is preferable to start small and in any case that it is the child who asks to repeat.

9- Perform breathing exercises before each meal or the different activities that the child performs throughout the day.

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