Why You Shouldn't Reuse Your Child's Water Bottles

Parents often use small bottles of bottled water, they are very practical to take to the park with the children, on excursions or for our children to take to school.

We also often carry out a procedure that we must avoid: refilling the bottles once the mineral water is exhausted. Maybe you haven't noticed but there is a label on all plastic bottles that indicates that you should not refill them, The reason is not that it is carcinogenic as many think. Do you want to know why?

There are a lot of hoaxes and myths on the Internet about plastic bottles. It is cautioned against the practice of freezing it causes cancer. It is also said that the simple act of drinking bottled water in a plastic container causes cancer and even that reusing them causes cancer. In short, plastic bottles are associated with cancer.

There are several studies that support these theories, but there are also studies that refute them. So today all we have is the legislation that obliges brands not to use materials that represent risks to human health and to report on its proper use.

Therefore, plastic bottles are safe, what is not is the use that can be made of them. In fact, If you look at the labels on the bottles, it is the brands that report that they should not be reused. This is due to these two causes:

1. Avoid microbiological risks: When we open a bottle of water, in the same way that when we leave a glass of water on the table, it can be contaminated with bacteria and fungi that are in the environment and fall on them. It can also be contaminated with viruses or other microorganisms that we have in the mouth, since children usually drink directly from it. This happens more in plastic and not in glass since microorganisms adhere more easily to the first than to the second, moreover, plastic bottles usually have crevices or recesses where they can take refuge and become strong.

2. Avoid accidental poisoning: since plastic bottles are sometimes filled with toxic or cleaning substances that can be mistaken for water.

These are the two reasons that companies that sell bottled water usually give for not reusing, however there is a third reason, although it is not entirely proven and whose studies are not conclusive. It is the one that refers to the composition of the bottle.

His composition: PET plastic is used for this type of bottle and is one of the most used in the world, but it is intended for one use only. Reusing it increases the risk that it will release chemicals such as antimony. They are substances that are found in minimal quantities and do not pose a danger to children's health, however, their amount increases as we reuse the bottle because the plastic deteriorates. In any case, it is not 100% proven that this causes cancer.

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