Benefits of the rattle for babies

Undoubtedly, one of the first toys that children will manipulate will be a rattle, before their shelves begin to fill with thousands of puzzles, dolls and other objects throughout their life. But why, for as long as we can remember, have we parents vehemently tried to make our children use this simple device? In We tell you what are the benefits of rattles for babies.

It does not take a student to know that the rattle is one of the first external sensory stimuli that our babies will experience. That is why it is a good habit to give this type of toy as a gift from the first months of life, since from 3 to 6 months is when they can learn more about them and get the most benefit from them.

- First; rattles stimulate your senses. At first, when they barely move, it is the ear that guides their movements. It stimulates them by attracting their attention and you can play with him by hiding from him and sounding the rattle so that he looks for you.

- What's more stimulates sight, since the explosion of colors with which they are designed does not leave them indifferent. They are attracted to them and they tend to reach out to touch the different colors, an added value, so it is recommended that they have different textures, since the sense of touch also begins to develop with these types of toys. You can buy them made of fabric, plastic or rubber, although it is important that they are not too hard since at first they do not control their movements well and they can hit themselves in the face with them.

In a couple of months your baby will be looking for the rattle with his little hands to make it sound himself, thus training his body and eye-hand coordination, and he will feel very satisfied when he does.

- Another factor to take into account is that there are many pediatricians who invite parents to reinforce baby's memory with games where the sounds of different rattles participate, associating them with behaviors or events that will occur immediately afterwards; like the example of Pavlov's dog, in which the dog salivated when the owner played a campaign to announce the time of the meal. Similarly, a behavior, such as bath time, can be associated with a type of sound; while for the time of suckling it can be associated with another; This way the child will be able to anticipate which routine is due to him as soon as he hears that sound. This improves your memory, prevents surprises, and helps you feel more secure.

Today there are rattles of all kinds: those that are held by hand, those that are worn on the wrists or ankles, socks that sound, with different textures, sizes and shapes, to carry in the cart… One for each occasion; because if we really have to make a useful use of this artifact as archaic as humanity, it is that it entertains and amuses, what else do we want for so little?

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