Dad, Mom: I'm going to tell you a joke!

Today I was browsing our section of jokes for children and I could not resist the temptation to read some. Sometimes the days are a bit intense and what better than to ease tensions with some jokes, even if they are somewhat naive, right? In addition, telling jokes feeds the laughter and good humor of children.

I don't know anyone with a "people skills" who doesn't have a good command of humor. Humor is proven to be a very powerful weapon against stress, and we are all in great need of it.

Laughter releases well-being hormones such as endorphin or oxytocin, so teaching our children to laugh will place them in a privileged position to develop social skills and to find balance and happiness in life.

The jokes are passed by word of mouth and even from generation to generation. Do you remember Jaimito's jokes? Surprisingly, my son told me one yesterday. It brought to my memory my little steps to gain acceptance from my friends and family. Although I think it made it awful, in my house they were very forgiving; Sometimes we laugh more listening to our children gut a joke, than by the grace of the joke itself.

The benefits of educating in a positive way are many, and the best way is for the child to experience and live laughter in their own home through jokes, humor and pleasant and fun family relationships. Jokes are a great vehicle to take children into the world of laughter, that happy, funny, and sometimes nervous laughter of our little ones.

Telling jokes to our children and encouraging them to learn jokes are a very interesting game proposal, as well as being a good idea to get closer to them and shake off our nervousness. Jokes not only stimulate children's good humor and laughter (which is wonderful!), They also exercise memory, promote vocabulary learning and language development, help self-esteem, and establish emotional and social bonds. Do not miss the opportunity to start introducing these injections of happiness for the family, six years are a good age to start.

And so they don't tell me they don't know what joke to tell your children, here's one:

There were three friends named Fool, Nobody, and None.

Fool goes and says to the police:

- No one fell into the well and No one is helping him.

Then the policeman responds:

- You are fool?

- Yes, nice to meet you!


Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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