Our example is the best teaching for children

Without a doubt, your example is worth a thousand words to your children. Children pay attention to everything! Surely you have been surprised by their curious and scrutinizing eyes, as if with their gaze they were taking note of our actions, connecting dots or reaching conclusions.What do our children think when they look at us like this?

Surely they think, with a certain critical sense and a lot of reason, that perhaps parents do not do everything that we ask them to do. Why does my mom tell me not to yell and then she does? Why do you tell me to put my coat away if she leaves it on the bed later?

Children quickly realize that parents do not always lead by example. And I don't think it's good, when they can reproach us for some of our faults, that we tell them to shut up and tell them the famous saying: "when you are a father, you will eat eggs."

Although it is true that parents occupy the role of conductor in our family, we must know how to show our son that we are also good instrumentalists and that we also fight against our mistakes and weaknesses, which are many.

Children interact with the world and learn to give meaning to life, through the answers to their questions, whether they ask us or they are the ones who answer them. Children need from us love, understanding, guidance, support, listening and ... above all, examples to follow.

They need to find coherence between what we tell them and what we do. In this way they will be able to make their own and take as valid the teachings that we give them. Thus, if we ask them to be ordered, we must also be it, if we ask them for respect, we must also be respectful. Values ​​and teachings by themselves are reduced to nothing, if they are not accompanied by the experience and example of their parents.

Joy, common sense, affection and self-control will be learned directly from our behavior, actions speak for themselves and all words are superfluous when faced with certain behaviors. Our children love us and admire us, we are the mirror in which they see themselves reflected, so our joy will be their joy, our esteem, our emotions and our behaviors, theirs too ...

Hopefully we do not have to listen to that of the mistakes and vices of parents are repeated in the children and, on the contrary, we can hear that our goodness and good work are reflected in them!

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