Estivill method to put the baby to sleep: for and against

The Estivill method is one of the most used and controversial of the last 20 years for your child to learn to sleep alone in his crib and room. On our site we tell you some of the pros and cons of the method, so you can draw your own conclusions.

The Estivill method comes from a book entitled "Go to sleep kid", which wrote the sleep specialist neurologist Eduard Estivill. This method is based on applying a behavioral formula that consists of letting the child cry at scheduled intervals, from 1 minute to 5 minutes maximum. The goal is for the baby, always from 7 months, to learn to calm down and sleep alone. What do you think?

The success of the book made millions of parents put it into practice, and in 94% of the cases, as long as it is followed to the letter, it works. The problem is that he also has numerous detractors, and there are many who allege fatal psychological consequences for those children who have followed him.

1- It works in 94% of cases, as long as it's done correctly and the parents do not cease their efforts.

2- Although the method consists of letting the baby cry, and this is one of the main drawbacks for the detractors, the truth is that it's not too long. Many times we will surely have let him cry those minutes because it was impossible for us to assist him at that time.

3- There are usually no setbacks if parents are able to be consistent.

4- It does not mean that the baby will not wake up at night, but that he will have a dream with waking intervals, like all babies, but he will have learned to calm himself without having to lift him from the crib.

5- It is a fast method in time, and recommended in cases where parents are psychologically exhausted.

1- The baby cries to be cared for by survival instinct, so feels neglected if we don't show up.

2- It can generate a lack of self-esteem, since feeling abandoned he will intuit that his parents do not love him and he will stop fighting when he gets no answer.

3- It is based on the suffering of the baby and yours.

4- With crying baby gets stressed and this can cause disorders in the long run such as depression, helplessness, anxiety, hyperactivity ...

5- It is not natural neither for the parents, since when parents hear their child cry they want to hold him in their arms, nor for the baby, who requires constant attention from his parents.

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