Magic tricks for kids

Magic stimulates dreams and imagination, but it also has many other benefits for children. For example, exercises fine motor skills, stimulates memory and concentration capacity. It is ideal for more moved and restless children and also, of course, for shy children, since it is fabulous to teach children to lose their fear of speaking in public. has selected fantastic magic tricks for children. With a little practice, they can do it.

Here you have a series of magic tricks with and without cards, ideal to teach children. These videos explain how to do the tricks, step by step. With a little perseverance, they will become fabulous magicians.

Two magic tricks for Christmas. We teach you two very simple tricks so you can surprise your children. They are fabulous tricks for Christmas, and with a little practice you can learn to do them your children.

magic trick for Halloween. Here's a fabulous Halloween night magic trick. It is the story of four little monsters who look for an inn and find a mysterious hotel ... surprising!

Magic trick with cards. Check out this card magic trick for kids and tell us ... how do you think he did it? Guillermo Martínez, the pirate captain, shows us a bit of his magic with which he will make letters appear and disappear. Your children will be left with their mouths open.

How to make a glass disappear. Guillermo Martínez, pirate captain, teaches us to do a very special magic trick. It is about making a coin disappear, but almost before doing it, what has really disappeared is ... a glass! Learn magic on our site with these tricks revealed.

Magic card trick for kids. Do your children like magic? The magician Guillermo Martínez, also known as Pirate Captain, reveals to our site a magic trick performed with cards. Your children can learn to do magic and thus will leave all their friends with their mouths open.

The trick of the coin. The magician Guillermo Martínez, also known as Captain Pirate, reveals to our site how to perform a magic trick with a coin. Magic fascinates children and with this trick revealed, children will be able to repeat the trick at parties and gatherings and will leave all their friends with their mouths open.

3 simple magic tricks. We teach you three very simple magic tricks for your children to learn. How to do magic. Easy magic tricks for kids.

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