The great value of grandparents

Today we parents are quite alone in raising children. We no longer raise in villages or communities where women collaborated with each other and children grew up together, big, small and medium, learning from others and where women with more experience passed on their wisdom to new generations of mothers.

But it is also true, that thanks to the increase in life expectancy, most children have grandparents generally until adolescence or sometimes even into adulthood. They have a fundamental role in the development of children and it is in each family to take advantage of it.

And although it is popularly said that "parents are there to educate and grandparents to spoil" I believe that today that equation is reversed. Because in a time when parents have long working hours that prevent us from sharing enough periods of dialogue and accompaniment with our children, grandparents can sometimes take that place.

Unfortunately today the stock crisis is commonplace. It is enough to see the number of corrupt people that make up governments, the violence that occurs in schools or sports events, the amount of inappropriate stimuli for development that children receive through the internet or television to understand that today's children need more education in values. That is why I believe that grandparents, beyond pleasing the tastes of their grandchildren, should occupy a fundamental role in all families. And it is the parents who must grant them that place-

Grandparents can offer what they may not have been able to offer their own children: time.

And they have a lot to contribute to raising children. Because wisdom and old age come together in a package called time. Because of the bad reputation of wrinkles and white hair, we have undermined older people. But they know the value of patience, the cost of personal relationships, the price of forgiveness, and what is important in life. They provide support, support and generosity, asking for nothing in return.

I once heard that being a grandparent is what makes us truly human. Because the rest of the mammals take care of their young and worry about their survival. But have you ever heard of a cow grandmother? Or a rabbit grandmother? The human species is the only one capable of maintaining the link through the generations. Let's celebrate it by giving grandparents the place they deserve. The whole family will win.

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