The inns. Mexican carol for Christmas

Exists a beautiful tradition in Mexico: a group of people go out in procession at Christmas asking for a posada, just as the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph did when their child was about to be born.

This Christmas procession is accompanied by this Christmas carol. Here you have the lyrics of the Christmas carol Las Posadas, so you can sing as a family.

In the name of heaven

I ask you for an inn,

Well, he can't walk

my beloved wife.

This is not an inn

keep going,

I can't open

don't be some scoundrel.

December inns announcing

that the baby Jesus arrived (bis).

We come surrendered

from Nazareth.

and my name is José.

I don't care about the name

let us sleep

because I already told you

that we are not to open.

December inns announcing

that the baby Jesus arrived (bis).

She is Queen of Heaven

well mother is going to be

of the Divine Word

Are you Jose?

Is it you Maria?

Come in, pilgrims

I did not know them.

Among holy pilgrims, pilgrims

receive me by mansion.

And even if it is a poor dwelling, poor dwelling,

but our heart.

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