Belgian royal baby names

Deciding the name of the baby is not an easy task, there are parents who this task takes days and even months. Try as they might, they can't find one that both parents agree with.

They say that people acquire part of the personality of the name they bear, so on our site we propose several names inspired by the royalty of Belgium so that your son or daughter feels like a king or queen.

Leopold: It is a masculine name of Germanic origin that means: brave town. It is the name of the first monarch that Belgium had.

Alberto: Means famous for the nobility or totally noble. He was the nephew of Leopoldo I.

Luisa MarĂ­a: It is a compound name. Luisa: Glorious warrior, glorious combat. Maria: feminine name of Hebrew origin, which means: The chosen one, the one loved by God. Queen Consort of Belgium for her marriage to Leopold I.

Maria Enriqueta: Enriqueta is a feminine name of Germanic origin whose meaning is: strong, rich, powerful house. She was the wife of Leopoldo II.

Fabiola: Female name of Latin origin, it means: the one who grows beans. Spanish lady wife of Baudouin, King of the Belgians in 1951.

Astrid: Female name of Greek origin, means: the best. First wife of Leopoldo III and mother of Balduino.

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