Danish royal baby names

As they say that people acquire part of the personality of the name they bear, today we share a few inspired by the royalty of Denmark, which will make your son or daughter feel like a real prince or princess.

These are names of kings and queens of Denmark so you can choose the one you like the most for your baby.

Abel: Hebrew name that means ephemeral, also son. He was Duke of Schleswig from 1232 and King of Denmark from 1250 until his death two years later.

Canute: Its meaning is "origin, lineage". Canute II was known as "The Great."

Christian: This name means: Follower of Christ. Christian II was the last monarch to rule the Union of Kalmar, which included the three Nordic kingdoms. In Sweden he was known by the name of "Cristián el Tirano".

Cristobal: From the Greek, bearer of Christ.

Frederick: From the Germanic peace, peacemaker. Frederick I came to power by a rebellion of the clergy and the nobility that exiled his nephew, King Cristián II.

Bodil: Name of Danish origin that means glacier or command. Wife of Erico, King of Denmark in 1095.

Dorotea: From the Greek gift of God and blessed. Queen consort of the Union of Kalmar (Denmark and other Nordic countries), wife of King Christopher of Bavaria and after his death, of Cristián I.

Cristina: Female Name of Greek origin, feminine variant of Christ, means: Follower of Christ. Queen of Denmark after her marriage to John I.

Isabel: From the Hebrew Baal is health. Archduchess of Austria and Infanta of Castile, was the second daughter of Archduke Felipe I of Castile and Queen Juana I of Castile, sadly known as “Juana la Loca”, she was Queen of Denmark when she married Cristián II.

Daisy flower: From the Latin pearl. Nicholas I married Margaret Fredkulla, daughter of the Swedish King Inge I. Currently the queen is Margaret II.

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