How to avoid indigestion in children

Indigestion in childhood is something that all parents want to avoid, as no one likes to have a stomach ache. There are, however, different types of indigestion, caused by eating too fast or too much food, or caused by something that makes your stomach sick. It is difficult to prevent something from feeling bad, but eating appropriate amounts, chewing well and leaving space between bites, is something that can be learned from a very young age.

Indigestion, in both children and adults, is usually accompanied by heartburn, a sensation of fire that rises from the stomach to the mouth, and that, when passing through the chest, causes pain that is difficult to relate to pain in the stomach. stomach. Stomach acids rise up into the esophagus causing reflux, and that heartburn sensation that can reach the mouth.

In addition, it can be accompanied by gas, which forms along the gastrointestinal tract, causing a feeling of bloating in the stomach itself. Gas can also show up as pain in other areas of the gastrointestinal tract, and if it is generated by eating too fast, it also increases the number of belching and discomfort in the esophagus. It is not usually necessary to consult a doctor unless episodes of indigestion appear frequently, and to try to avoid this, a few simple tips can be followed:

- Avoid foods that are too fatty and too copious, better to eat small portions more often than large meals. It is also useful to remove some of the outer fat from the food and avoid frying or, at least, soak some of the fat that the food can absorb.

- Eat slow and chew well the food to get the food to begin to digest from the first bite.

- Try to consolidate rest routines after eating. A moment of relaxation so that the body can dedicate itself to digestion instead of other activities that require extra energy. Being relaxed at mealtime also helps, and it is best not to eat when you are very excited, nervous or stressed.

- Chocolate also contributes to the appearance of indigestion, so it is advisable to reduce or limit your intake. Besides chocolate, there may be other foods that can trigger indigestion episodes, be careful to recognize them and try to avoid them.

It is important to teach children to recognize the signals of their body, learning to determine when it is full and to stop eating is a habit that, if it is established from an early age, is difficult to break, thus ensuring that both obesity and indigestion can, at the very least, be kept at bay. In case of recurrent episodes of indigestion, heartburn or reflux, it may be interesting to consult the doctor and rule out other problems such as ulcers or a defect in the esophageal sphincter or the stomach cardias.

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