On the beaches of Gabon. Didactic poetry for children

Through poems we can stimulate children's learning. And it is that poetry brings innumerable benefits to children. In We show you how with fun poetry children can learn about different animals.

On the beaches of Gabon is an original poem by Marisa Alonso Santamaría that we assure you will enchant your children.

On the beaches of Gabon

there is a magical place,

where many animals,

come closer to play.

Humpback whales

they wag their heavy tail,

so that hippos

surf the waves.

Under the palm trees

elephants bathe

getting wet with the tubes

they look very elegant.

Monkeys play with coconuts

they are thrown into the sea,

but there are two clever dolphins

that they take them out again.

The funny iguanas

they are racing,

and the crabs look at them

to see who arrives first.

On the beaches of Gabon

it's getting dark already,

and all the animals

they go to rest.

But two owls have arrived,

that they are not going to sleep,

and they have called two owls,

to play Parcheesi.

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