Going out with the newborn baby: myths and truths

Going out with the baby the first days, this is one of the first concerns of parents and grandmothers. That moment in which they begin to face the lack of experience of one with the advice of the other.

The truth is that in all those ancient wisdoms there are many learnings, you know, when the river sounds water it carries, but there are myths that must be discarded.

1- Do not cover them excessively: Mothers always find it cold, even when we ourselves are unsheltered. The truth is that babies are quiet in their stroller and that makes them a little colder than us, but it is not a reason to subject the child to excessive heat. It is true that babies have a greater tendency to lose heat, they have less fat in the body and their temperature regulation system is less efficient than ours, and they also do not know how to shiver to be able to get warm, that makes them really need a little warmer than us, but not much more.

2- We should not put tight clothes on: We must put them wide, comfortable clothes that are easy to put on and take off. If possible, made of natural fibers and without any angorina or tissues that shed hair. Never put laces or ties with which they can choke. The buttons should go behind and completely eliminate the classic safety pins that our mothers used to put on our clothes.

3- From the first days you have to take them out for a walk: It is necessary to get rid of the fears of the constipated or the heatstroke; Babies should go outside, although crowds and contact with people with a contagious disease should be avoided. So it is preferable not to go shopping with them.

4- The first months should be lying down: It is true that the first days they should not be sitting in the chair and it is detrimental for their spine that they go in the classic "egg" more than is strictly necessary; But the pouches, or baby carriers, are the most comfortable way for both the baby and the mothers. They feel safe close to their mother's body, they never get cold and it does not pose any danger to their back, although you have to be careful with the backpack you choose, since some can open their hips too much. Of course, the carrycot is also a good option for walking.

5- You must give them the sun directly: As long as they are not the hours when the sun warms up, and using sunscreen is the only way that our body can produce vitamin D, preventing rickets. You never have to spend time, it is recommended to go little by little and a maximum of two hours a week. Moreover, it is advisable that you hit them on the head, since when they are very covered with clothing this is the only place where it can exert its beneficial effect, as long as the sun does not get too hot.

6- Parents can no longer travel or go out of the house: They are never small enough to travel, as long as it is a safe place and you have adequate medical assistance. Dinners with friends should be enjoyed especially in the first months of the baby's life, when he is quiet, as long as he can continue to sleep and eat at his own time, and friends do not harass him too much and fill him with smoke. Take advantage now, then everything becomes more complicated ...

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