Children's games and experiments

Children love to experiment. While having fun, kids can learn and spark curiosity with science experiments. Their experiences with science and experiments fuel their curiosity and fantasy, foster their interest in science, stimulate logic and reasoning, and enhance their ability to solve problems. Also, it increases your self-esteem and creates a stimulating activity in every way. has selected some proposals for children's experiments and games so that parents can have fun with their children, doing home experiments as a family.

How to make a liquid rainbow. Create your own liquid rainbow with this simple home experiment. Children can participate, and is ideal for children from 6 to 9 years old. Follow the step by step and build your own rainbow.

The universe in a glass jar. Would you like to have the universe close? We show you a very simple experiment so that your child can enclose all the stars he wants in a glass jar.

Lava lamp. We explain how to make a relaxing lava lamp with your children. It is a very simple and easy experiment that you can do with children, at home. A fun way to bring science to children. Enjoy doing home experiments with children.

Flubber or sensory mass. Learn how to make sensory dough, flubber, or gorilla mucus. It is a fun and very simple experiment that children can participate in. Discover the benefits of sensory mass.

Inflate a balloon without air. We show you an experiment that you can do with your children. It is about inflating a balloon without using air. How? Do not miss the step by step of the experiment.

Blow out a candle without blowing out. Fun experiments to play with children. Experiment to blow out the candles remotely. How to blow out a candle without blowing out, home experiment. Games to learn science with children.

A submarine with balloons Children's experiments with balloons. How to make a balloon submarine. Fun science for kids. With this science experiment for children you will make a submarine using only three balloons.

Atmospheric thermometer. We teach you to make a homemade atmospheric thermometer with children, in a simple and fun way. Bring science closer to children in a fun way with these types of crafts.

10 mimic sets. Through these mimicry games, children have better control of their body, encourage their imagination and creativity, achieve greater concentration when expressing themselves without words and, above all, have fun in a group. We propose imitation or pampering activities for your children.

The game of the slot machine. On our site we suggest you make their own toys with children at home. With recycling material and a little imagination, you can make crafts as original as this traditional game of slot machines, to which we have also added the fun Minion shape.

Hoop shooting game. We show you how to make a giraffe-shaped hoop shooting game. With it, children will be able to do competitions, have a great time and also collaborate in the creation of homemade toys.

The disappearing coin. Experiments with water. Activities to do children. Fun science. How to make a coin disappear. Experiments for children. Learn to experiment with water.

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