How to combine foods in pregnancy

To learn to mix the food it should become a priority for every pregnant woman. In this way we make sure that we take advantage of correctly all the nutrients and properties of each food. For example, do you know which vitamin favors the absorption of iron? Or what foods should you eliminate from your diet during pregnancy?

Learning how to combine foods to improve nutrient absorption is the best way to ensure that your baby receives all the substances it needs for development during your pregnancy.

1. Protein. Proteins are not only found in meat and fish, however, they are the most complete because they contain all the essential amino acids. Vegetable proteins are not complete, so if you combine them with cereals in the same meal, you will be able to form the complete proteins that your baby and your body need. Thus, for example, lentils with rice, beans with pasta, couscous with chickpeas, rice or oatmeal with soy, milk or nuts, pasta with nuts or rice with nuts are good combinations.

2. Calcium. During pregnancy, it is necessary to take three servings of dairy a day, but if you need to substitute milk for other products, choose soy-based preparations, which are rich in protein, and beverages enriched with calcium. Yogurts and fermented milks digest better and provide the amount of calcium you need.

3. Vitamins, minerals and fiber. Always choose fruits and vegetables in season, so you will change the nutrients with each of the varieties. And remember that whole grains are rich in fiber.

Red meat. They raise the cholesterol that sticks to the arteries and their consumption is associated with high blood pressure, which causes pre-eclampsia in pregnancy.

Sweet. Refined and processed foods, especially those that are high in sugar, include a lot of empty calories, which are fattening and non-nourishing.

Fats. Sauces and fried foods provide excess fat, which you should avoid. Take meats and fish on the grill or cook them in the oven.

Food Additives. Some, such as sodium nitrite or monosodium glutamate, cause headaches and can be harmful during pregnancy.

Raw meats and raw vegetables. If you have not had toxoplasmosis, avoid eating undercooked meats and sausages. Raw fruits and vegetables should be washed well before eating.

Stimulants. Coffee, tea, cocoa, cola and, above all, alcohol are substances that can harm your baby during its development in the womb. And in addition, tobacco and some medications can alter the nervous system of the fetus and affect its development and its birth weight.

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