The last thing children have to do before bed is not watch television

What do your children do before going to sleep? Many parents and children sit in front of the television as a measure for the child to relax and avoid jumping and jumping around the house.

However, there are studies that state that The use of television, tablets or mobile phones before sleeping not only makes children lose minutes of sleep, but also have nightmares or fears. What the experts recommend before bed is something different, much more beneficial and pleasant. Can you imagine what it can be? Yes, reading. On our site we tell you what happens when the child reads before going to sleep.

According to a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics published in the magazine Pediatrics revealed that children with a lot of literary activity showed more neuronal activation in the left hemisphere of the brain, that is, the one in charge of speech, logic, mathematics or writing. But also, If this reading time happens before sleeping as a ritual, it is stimulating a good pattern of brain development, in addition to strengthening the family bond at a crucial time in the child's development.

Moreover, there are not few studies that affirm that sleep, not only of children, but also of adults, is disturbed when we are exposed to electronic devices like tablets, television or mobile phones before sleeping. The reason is not only that the content seen can stimulate or cause fears or nightmares, but also that the light emitted by these devices inhibits the secretion of melatonin, the hormone that regulates our biological clock and helps us relax.

So much so, that research also published in the journal Pediatrics revealed that every extra hour of television children watch is related to 7 minutes less sleep. And even statistics tell us that children today sleep 1.2 hours less than those of 100 years ago.

- A emotional bond between parents and children and stimulates the bond.

- Children feel safer before sleeping.

- They feel dearest since at that moment of reading they have our full attention.

- Improve your self-esteem.

- Encourage your imagination and creativity.

- Stimulates your reading comprehension and we sow the seed to create great readers.

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