Foods to avoid for fasting children

In many cases, children skip the first meal of the day, breakfast, this is generally because they are more sleepy than hungry, or they wake up at the right time and in a hurry, some children do not eat breakfast, other children make an incomplete breakfast, or a few hours later they consume foods rich in fat and sugar.

However, breakfast is one of the star meals of the day and is essential for children, yes, There are certain foods that should not be eaten on an empty stomach, on our site we tell you which ones.

Breakfast cereals: This type of food contains an excess of sugars, they are also low in fiber, and provide many calories. It may be a good option to opt for oats and mix with dried fruits (walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.) and dried fruits (raisins, dried plums, etc.), or choose whole grains such as muesli.

Cereal bars: This type of food contains high values ​​of fat, sugar and calories, and they also usually contain fructose and dyes, the ideal thing is to prepare them at home and give them as an option for children in snacks or at breakfast.

Industrial bakery: Although it is an easy-to-find, inexpensive resource that children love, they are foods high in trans fats that increase cholesterol, and are also rich in sugar that promote overweight and tooth decay. On occasion you can choose to give the child homemade pastries with more natural and less processed ingredients.

Drinks and juices: In the case of drinks, avoid those that contain caffeine, cocoa, mate, these types of drinks can cause irritability and sleep disturbances in the child. In the case of juices, they contain an excess of sugar that, together with a sedentary lifestyle, causes obesity, as well as dental cavities, the ideal thing is to opt for natural juices sporadically and daily choose whole fruit to take advantage of the fiber content.

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