When the baby bites when sucking

Every mother who has breastfed can say that she has had difficult moments and others of pleasure breastfeeding her baby. Cracks, breast engorgement, mastitis, milk pearls, pain, little milk, too much milk, delayed rise, poor grip are just some of the main complications we face in lactation consultations, and they usually occur at birth or within a few weeks of delivery. But, What to do if the baby bites the nipples during sucking?

As the weeks go by, everything improves, and if breastfeeding continues, we enter a sweet moment of breastfeeding. It is when we only see the positive of it: how comfortable and immediate it is, not having to carry water, powdered milk, sterilize, heat; without getting into the benefits that breastfeeding itself has.

And so the days pass; and our baby is already smiling, he uncovers his hands, he is gaining weight, the world is a mystery to him, he is growing happily. And suddenly everything is in his mouth, he begins to discover his environment; and some nights begin in which we notice something more annoying, angry at times, he drools a lot, his gums are redder, inflamed: the eruption of the teeth can confuse parents, although not all children have a hard time, so Generally annoying and relieved when they exert pressure, that is, they bite an object, they usually prefer it cool to relieve pain.

Babies who are breastfed are often very soothed by sucking on their mother's breast. I think that it is practically inevitable that there comes a certain moment of the eruption of their teeth in which we take a small bite from our little one. There is absolutely nothing we can do to avoid it, since at these ages, no matter how much we explain that they can do us a lot of harm, they don't even understand 'dad'.

However, our children are brilliant: they know perfectly well that mommy's tit is soft, that we use it to suck and not to bite, to feed and calm us, to comfort us. A nibble may come from our baby, but it will come out of confusion, despair; and not to hurt us.

Bites during breastfeeding are isolated cases, which occur because the little ones get confused. Breastfeeding and teething are fully compatible, does not increase the incidence of cavities in milk teeth, and it is known that the benefits for the mother, baby and community increase as we lengthen breastfeeding.

- We don't get mad at our baby, he does not do it maliciously.

- We speak to him seriously and firmly, without raising our voices we tell him "I didn't like this". Even if you don't understand the content, you understand the tone. If we laugh or someone in the environment laughs, we can confuse them, and they can repeat it because it was funny.

- If he is very angry, biting things. We can try to calm him down before offering the breast.

- In the event that you have injured your nipple, we will treat it like any injury. Bearing in mind that if we apply ointment, antiseptic or any substance to accelerate healing, we must wash the breast before taking it. It is essential that the wound remains clean, dry and ventilated so as not to become infected.

- It is not necessary to stop breastfeeding because you have teeth.

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