How clumsy and clueless I am in pregnancy!

I love to keep learning about pregnancy ... and the other day I read something about a symptom that can affect us during pregnancy and that I did not know. It is not about any physical alteration such as nausea, back pain, stomach enlargement, etc., but about the plover head syndrome Funny name right?

Physical and hormonal changes lead us in some cases to experience increased physical clumsiness, but it also seems that we can also have increased "mental dullness" what we needed!

Seen from the outside, it could seem that we have our heads in the clouds or that we give everything the same. Could it be that we have our mind only on our baby and there is no other thought that we can remember in the short term? Of course priorities can change while pregnant, it can be normal for our pregnancy to occupy the first place in the starting grid of our thinking, but I do not think that a woman can neglect her pending tasks for the simple fact of being pregnant and that hormones make us more sensitive. Just in case, the best thing our boss doesn't find out.

Outside of jokes, it is not that we have descended a few steps on the evolutionary ladder or that we have lost intellectual capacity, what seems to happen is that due to the effect of hormones our memory can be altered, so that some pregnant women may become more clueless, they forget things more easily or have oversights such as where we have parked the car, paying an urgent bill, etc. Luckily, this is a temporary symptom! I do not know if any of you have experienced this syndrome, but the best thing, of course, is to combat it in some way so that we can have serious neglects and suffer inconveniences in our daily lives.

To do this, we will have to do the exercise of writing down the daily tasks that we have to carry out, by means of agendas, post-it, or electronic reminders, but if we become concerned, we must place greater emphasis on not being forgotten, so that we will begin to do things using all our senses (not automatically), being aware at all times and we can also train our memory through games and training activities such as: sudokus, crosswords and games to enhance memory and intellectual abilities, through consoles or computer.

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