Pregnancy / Childbirth

Where does the expectant mother dress? A little bit of belly fashion

Where is it worth buying maternity clothing? What patents will save our wallets? Which solutions will make you feel fashionable and feminine even in a different state? What mistakes to avoid? What to watch out for How to get back some of your money invested?
Each of us is different, we prefer a different style, dress. It is also different when it comes to buying maternity clothing. Read what our authors have to say in this topic.


I am the mother of two exuberant princesses - Lucia and Barbara. Two so extremely different that I see bipolar issues in every way. I try to reconcile motherhood and parenthood with the outside world based on a common sense approach. With different results ... but I assume that what doesn't kill me will strengthen me :)

In the first pregnancy, I devoured exhibitions with maternity clothes with my eyes. However, the price froze me every time. I wondered why the blouse, seemingly identical to the one from the mains for PLN 20 in the pregnancy version has already cost PLN 120. I decided not to go crazy.

I got some clothes from a friend from work. And although they were used and some heavily worn, I found a few that suited me and liked me. At that time, I decided that used maternity clothes could be a cheap alternative. At the allegro I started looking for packages with clothes. It turned out that searching well and being patient, I can buy a set of a dozen or so pieces of clothing (often very branded) for PLN 30-50. And even if I don't like all the copies or fit them, it's still worth it. I bought several packages (probably 3), I chose clothes suitable for me, and the other items I issued as 1 package. Thanks to this, more than half of the money spent has returned to me.

During the search, I also learned that in my city there is a lady who designs and sews pregnancy clothes herself. I went to her. The whole studio was hidden in an inconspicuous addition of a plastered block. For ridiculously low prices (for the realities of H&M or C&A chains), I could buy clothes from a local manufacturer. And so I paid about PLN 50 for jeans, for an elegant skirt in which I defended my master's degree and I also performed during the holidays PLN 50. Leggings and tracksuits cost about PLN 20. The latter are so comfortable that I left them for winter days at home, which would also protect the kidneys from colds.

In total, I spent maybe PLN 200 on a huge wardrobe of pregnancy clothes. I underwent 2 pregnancies in these clothes and then resold, because most of them were still in very good condition.

It's definitely worth investing in "yours" local and Polish producers. With a clear conscience I recommend the My Tummy brand. The blouse after 2 pregnancies, worn extremely intensively, looked almost unused.

Finally, it seems to me that if we have longer blouses and tunics from before pregnancy, they will be enough for us until the end of pregnancy and will save a lot of money. Down tunic, which will eventually become a longer blouse, trousers or leggings will suffice. And this is a small cost.


My name is Kinga. I'am a mother. Normal, not staring at the child all day, but thinking about the real good of the whole family. I'm learning how to love myself and others. I know that I can only achieve this if I combine several roles.

The pregnancy business takes the heads of many manufacturers. Big money can be made on mothers and parents, especially when they think they have no alternative. Based on experience, I decided to mainly look for clothes online. Unfortunately, not in every case I was equally satisfied with shopping. I will describe one case ...

In the carnival I decided to order a dress at Everything would be perfect if it did not turn out to be definitely different than in the photo. Instead of nicely tailored clothing, I got something that looked like a bag, and which was to fit the figure using the attached strap. And although I shop online very often, this offer, for which I paid 99 zlotys, was definitely unsuccessful for me. I would estimate the quality of the ordered dress (Aria Black) for up to PLN 50. Still, in a stationary store I wouldn't even pay attention to her.

However, not only this interested me in the functioning of the store, but quite direct information that the returned goods should be packed in all "foils", along with the label and nicely folded, otherwise the store will not give money back. There was something else. Namely: that before returning or making a complaint, you should contact the store to get the product's shipping address (address different from the one from which the dress was sent). And although waiting for the reply did not last long, I find it uncomfortable and unnecessary to undergo this procedure. All information should be posted on the site. On the other hand, indications that the returned clothing should not smell bad and not have "cat hair" is enough for me to discourage me from further purchases. There are certain obviousities which, in my opinion, are not worth mentioning. AND shopping, even when pregnant, is to be a pleasure!


He likes to discuss many topics. He doesn't know taboos. He does not like exaggeration and pushing only one trend in education.

Until about the sixth month of pregnancy, I could wear many things before pregnancy: blouses, sweatpants, some loose fitting dresses. After this time, I only had a few copies "from before pregnancy" and those typically purchased for the tummy.

Fortunately, the birth in January did not force me to buy maternity jacket or winter coat, which would be a considerable expense. I managed to get pregnant in a jacket from before my pregnancy, from which I pulled the belt worn at the waist. Despite this, the last days before the solution made it difficult to fasten, so I was going to give birth in my unbuttoned jacket. However, the hormones gave me so much smoke that I didn't even notice the fact, because I was just hot.

The best solution for me worked out to the stationary Happymum store, in which I measured various styles, chose my types, and then decided to buy them in the online store, where they were up to 50 PLN cheaper (including delivery) or available in sale offer at even lower prices. I rate the quality of clothing highly, both in terms of cut, as well as the choice of colors and materials.


Definitely not Polish Mother. He tries to reconcile the upbringing of the child with selfish motives. When he sees a small copy of himself, he feels alive.

I avoided company stores without any regrets, which offered quite interesting clothes for pregnant women. It was not that I could not accept the changes that were taking place in my body. The fact that maternity clothing simply must be more expensive than traditional clothes, even from collections for overweight people, was enough. To date, I deeply believe that producers assume that the easiest way to earn on a future and young, inexperienced mother, who, unfortunately, is easy to convince that in the name of quality and uniqueness, the good of her and the baby necessarily must strain the household budget and that's enough.

So I found an excellent alternative - secound handy and I used some tricks. In favor of shopping in second-hand stores, not only the low amounts spoke, which eventually fed the owner's fiscal cash, as well as a diverse range. Because in such shopping centers there are plenty of clothes for people who have problems with a perfect figure. In good lumpexes, it's easy to find branded, non-tracing items that will help us create a unique style.

It became my pregnancy, but extremely girlish uniform a combination of leggings with a tunic and ballerinas. When I couldn't squeeze into any jeans, and at first the well-functioning cotton belts were bothering me, I appreciated the versatility of the colorful gaiters. It was enough to stock up on a bit long, which I pulled on my stomach in the style of Obelix and I could boldly walk the world. Depending on the occasion and the wealth of the wallet, figure and well-being, the future mom can treat yourself to traditional leggings or go crazy with patterned gaiters. In addition to being easily available and really cheap, they work well at almost any time of the year. Thinner will prevent rubbing thighs, darker optically subtract kilograms.

Tunics while they brilliantly highlighted the growing tummy. Never before did I care so much that this part of the body was noticed. I could combine this item of clothing with long sweaters, matching leather jackets, or just put on a bolero on colder days.

As for ballerinas, although they contribute to a less elegant way of moving (they do not force us to stretch our calves, they do not lengthen our legs), they are great during long walks and certainly in good species shoes feet can breathe and do not swell at an alarming rate .

And you, where did you look for clothing during pregnancy?