The first toys for the baby

The first gift that many babies receive is a rattle, however, they will not be able to grasp it for a few months when they have more control of their body and their little hands. Babies do not need a large number of toys at their fingertips, but they do need these to be the right ones for them, both because helps them stimulate them physically and sensually as because they are appropriate for their age.

When babies are born they are not able to control their limbs or their head. Through the 5 senses (hearing, sight, taste, touch and smell), babies discover the world and receive different stimuli. Baby's first toys, therefore, they must be those that stimulate the senses.

Toys that they can see and hear are best suited for the first few months, and As the baby grows, he will demand toys that he can touch and even chew on or suck on.

- The first toys for babies up to 6 months They must help them discover their bodies and enhance their abilities with different sounds, textures, shapes and colors. Crib mobiles, rubber dolls, teethers or activity rugs are ideal. For now, it is advisable not to give them rigid toys as they do not control the movements of the arms well and they could hit themselves with them.

- The first toys for babies from 7 to 12 months They have to serve as stimulation to crawl, to know the world around them, to take their first steps and to improve their motor skills. Balls, seesaws, toys are sounds, stacking or fitting games are ideal for them.

- Toys from the year They must be aimed at helping them with their new skills: they can stand up and take their first steps, they already grasp objects more consistently and they are very curious about the world around them. Walkers, riders to move more easily are perfect. So are those that allow them to relate facts: stack, build, throw, hit ... And even those to imitate: cars, puppets, dolls, animals, telephones ...

In any case, be it a rattle, cloth, stacking or sound games, the important thing is also to consider the safety of the toy. We cannot give the baby small objects, or objects that have elements that can be detached and that can be swallowed.

Old toys in poor condition, that are not approved, that may cause an injury, or those with parts that contain harmful substances are not safe for the baby and therefore should not be within reach.

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