The psychologist. Games for kids

Games for children are used to entertain and have a good time during school holidays or at certain children's parties. But there are some hobbies that they also make adults enjoy, and one of them is the psychologist's game.

In we want to teach you the basic rules to play 'psychologist'. Following in our footsteps you can have a good time playing this fun pastime with friends. Go ahead and participate in this crazy madhouse.

For play the psychologist You have to take into account a basic and overriding rule, which is that among all the participants there must be someone who has never played. If so, you can start playing.

First of all, you must choose a person who has never played before and does not know the rules. Once you have chosen it, this person will sit in the middle of a circle formed by the rest of the participants. The one in the center will be the psychologist, and the rest will play sick.

As we have said, the patients will sit in a circle and will adopt the personality of the person on their right, that is, they will be able to speak the same as them and imitate their gestures. The psychologist must guess the disease they have, and for this he will ask questions to all the participants, who must answer as if they were the person on his right.

If any of the answers is wrong, one of the patients must scream Mental hospital! and everyone will have to get up and move around.

The game ends when the psychologist manages to find out what happens to the sick.

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