Popular names for boys that begin with the letter R

In our site We propose them ten children's names that begin with the letter 'R'That maybe they can help you when it comes to choosing the name for your future child.

With these names they stand out from athletes, to actors, singers or writers. Among the most popular boy names that begin with 'R' we find a great variety of proposals from the most traditional to the less usual.

1- Raul: It is a name of French origin that means 'powerful advisor' or 'daring warrior'. Variants in other languages ​​include Ralph in English, Rudolf in Hungarian and Raurud in Japanese. It is a name widely used throughout the world. Among the famous people with this name, the Spanish soccer player Raúl González or the North American fashion designer Ralph Laurent stand out.

2- Raphael: means 'God has healed'. A man from hebreo. With this name stands out the Spanish writer and painter Rafael Alberti, the Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal, the professional soccer player Rafael Márquez or the Spanish singer Raphael.

3- Richard: it is a name of Germanic origin that means 'mighty king'. Variants in other languages ​​include Richard in English, French and German or Rihard in Slovenian.

4- Rodrigo: its meaning is linked to the one who ‘is rich in fame or famous’. It is a name of German origin. The Argentine actor Rodrigo De La Serna, Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, El Cid Campeador, or the Argentine soccer player Rodrigo Palacio stand out.

5- Romeo: is a name of Latin origin. It means 'good man from Rome'. The spread of this name is mainly due to Shakespeare's tragedy: Romeo and Juliet. This name also became very popular after Victoria and David Beckam named one of their children that way.

6- Ronaldo: the origin of this name is German. Its meaning is linked to the ‘glorious ruler’. This name was popularized by the fame of the Brazilian soccer player Ronaldo. It is also the name of former US President Ronald Reagan.

7- Rolando or Rolán: means ‘fame of the country. With this name the Cuban singer Rolando Ojeda stands out.

8- Robert: name of Germanic origin that means 'of brilliant fame'. It is a name widely used in Italy and England. Among the most used variants in other languages ​​we highlight the English ones: Robert, Rob, Robb, Robbie, Robby, Robin, Bob, Bobby, Rupert. Among the famous personalities who have popularized this name we can point out: the British singer Robbie Williams, Robert Schuman, one of the founders of the European Union or the American actor Robert De Niro among others.

9- Rodolfo: ‘Wolf of fame’ or ‘He who wins the battle’ is the meaning of this name of Germanic origin. They stand out with this name Rudolph Giuliani, the ex-mayor of New York, the Spanish actor Rodolfo Sancho, Rodolfo el Reno, outstanding leader of the reindeer that guide the sleigh of Santa Claus.

10- Ruben: a man from hebreo. It comes from raah beon yí: "God has seen my affliction"

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