Popular names for girls that begin with R

If you still have not decided what your future daughter will be called, we propose these Ten ideas for girl names that start with the letter 'R'. Ten very diverse proposals where you will find from the most traditional and mostly chosen names for girls around the world to less common and original names, or disused names that are back in fashion.

With these names we find various famous personalities around the world and in different fields and also very curious variations of them in different languages.

1- rose: the meaning of this name is 'beautiful like a rose flower'. Its origin is Latin and it is a very used name throughout the years. Its sound and its brevity, in addition to its symbolism, make it one of the favorite names. Among the variants of this name we find: Rosalía, Rosalina, Rosita, Romy, Romilda, Rosolinda or Rosula.

2- Ruby: is a name origin Latin. It is related to the gemstone of the same name and has a reddish color. This name evokes not only the beauty of this gem but also its value. In Spain it was not a widely used name, not so in Spanish American where it is more common.

3- Roser: is the Catalan variant of Rosario's name. This name comes from the Latin ‘rosarium’ which means ‘rose bush’. Among the famous personalities with this name we highlight that of the pop singer Roser Murillo Ribera.

4- Raquel: a man from hebreo. It means ‘the sheep of God’, and also according to some voices ‘that which has can govern’. Among the variants in other languages ​​we find Rachelle in French, or Rachel in Hebrew. The actress Raquel Welch stands out with this name, it was the artistic name of Jo Raquel Tejada or the Spanish pop singer Raquel del Rosario.

5- Dew: this name means "She who is refreshing and youthful like dew" or also "she who has grace." It is a very Spanish name, more specifically very Andalusian, although its use has spread throughout the world. Its origin is linked to the Virgen del Rocío in the province of Huelva. Among the famous personalities with this name, the Chilean television presenter Rocío Ravest, the Argentine model Rocío Guirao Díaz, or the Spanish singers Rocío Jurado or Rocío Dúrcal.

6- Ruth: also used as Ruth in its Anglo-Saxon variant. It is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'the faithful companion'.

7- Rita: According to some voices this name has a Greek origin and according to others Latin, considering the diminutive of ‘Margarita’ which means ‘pearl’. With this name we can highlight the American actress Rita Hayworth, the New Zealand painter Rita Angus or the Brazilian musician and composer Rita Lee.

8.- rosary beads: They have use in both feminine and masculine. It is a very common name in Spanish-speaking countries as a feminine variant and as a masculine variant, it is widely used in Italy. It is a name of Latin origin and means ‘garland of roses’.

9- Rebeca: It is a name of Hebrew origin and means 'tie or knot'. It is a name widely used throughout the world but especially in the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Sweden, Ireland and Canada.

10- Rosana: is a name of Persian origin. It means 'the one that is brilliant or splendid'. Some consider that it comes from the union of the names Rosa and Ana. We can highlight the Canarian singer-songwriter Rosana Arbelo or the American actress Rosanna Arquette among the personalities that have this name.

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