23 month old baby. Baby development month by month

As the baby approaches two years of age, he is able to communicate better with the people around him. You can now have conversations with him that, although they are not very fluent, allows you better understand what you want or what happens to you in every moment.

If in the previous months, you did not show interest in playing with other children, now you not only observe how they do some activities, but also begins to want to participate in their games.

The twenty-three month old baby It is already about 87 centimeters tall and weighs about 12.5 kilos. His figure is no longer as rounded and with folds as in previous months and he is gaining in muscle and definition.

Each child has its own growth rate, if the pediatrician finds that the baby's weight and height are normal, there is no reason to be alarmed if it is not in the middle percentile.

Your baby has become a whirlwind: jump, run, open doors, climb on furniture, open and close drawers ... His great energy and enormous curiosity make you have to extreme vigilance both at home and away from home to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Play with their toys autonomously and with greater ease. You can make towers, perform a simple puzzle, repeat songs, pick up objects from the ground without falling or unscrew caps.

His vocabulary has grown in recent weeks. Can already say about fifty words and make sentences of two or three words. It is able to recognize objects, animals or parts of the body. You can name and point to them.

The twenty-three month old baby answers simple questions and can express himself perfectly to ask for something he needs.

The diet of the almost two-year-old baby has to be complete, integrating all the food groups, varied and balanced. You have to eat five meals a day: breakfast, mid-morning, snack and dinner.

Milk is still very important in the baby's day-to-day life, the ideal is to drink 500 ml a day, but in addition he must eat vegetables, fruit, bread, pasta, fish, meat and eggs. To drink, the best is water and fruit juices.

It is important for the child's learning that start doing certain tasks as soon as possible to make them a habit. Therefore, we must make it a routine to wash our hands before eating, brush our teeth every day even without toothpaste, or pick up toys after playing.

To stimulate the baby's language, it is very beneficial to read stories or sing songs.

Baby development month by month
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