A little boy. Children's story used by the Montessori method

Exists a very famous story that makes parents, educators and children think on the importance of free thinking and creativity in school and in education. The story is called 'A little boy' (Helen Buckley), and tells the story of a boy who is taught to do things mechanically ... with no room for him to add his fantasy and imagination. Do you want to know what happens when that child changes schools and the teacher gives him freedom to think?

Once a little boy went to school. It was quite small and it was a fairly large school. But when the little boy found out that he could enter his classroom from the outside door, he was happy and the school didn't seem so big anymore.

One morning, after spending time at school, the teacher said:

- "Today we are going to make a drawing."

Good! The little boy thought. He liked to draw pictures. He could make all kinds of them: lions and sharks, chickens and cows, trains and ships; and he took out his box of crayons and began to draw.

But the teacher said:

- Wait! It's not time to start yet (and he waited for everyone to be ready). Now, said the teacher, let's draw flowers.

Good! The little boy thought, he liked making flowers and he began to make very beautiful flowers with his pink, orange and blue crayons.

But the teacher said:

- Wait! I will show you how. And it was red, with a green stem. Now, said the teacher, you can start. The little boy looked at the flower that the teacher had made, then he saw the one he had painted, he liked hers more, but he didn't say it. He just turned the sheet and made a flower like the teacher's. It was red, with a green stem.

Another day, when the little boy had opened the door from outside, the teacher said:

- "Today we are going to do something with clay."

Good! He thought, he liked clay. I could do all kinds of things with clay: began to stretch and stir his ball of clay.

But the teacher said:

- Wait, it's not time to start yet! (And he waited for everyone to be ready.) Now, said the teacher, let's make a plate.

Good! Thought the little one. He liked to make dishes and started making some of all shapes and sizes. Then the teacher said:

- Wait! I'll show you how. And he taught them how to make a single deep dish. Now, he said, you can start.

And very soon, the little one learned to wait and see and do the same things, and very soon he wasn't doing things by himself.

Then it happened that the boy and his family moved to another city and the little one had to go to another school. This school was bigger than the other one and there was no outside door to the classroom. He had to climb large steps and walk a large corridor to get to his living room.

And the first day she was there, the teacher said:

- "Today we are going to make a drawing."

Great! The little boy thought and waited for the teacher to tell him what to do. But the teacher didn't say anything, she just walked around the room. When he arrived with the boy, he said:

- "Don't you want to draw a picture?"

- "Yes," the child replied, "What are we going to do?"

- I don't know until you do it, said the teacher.

- "How do I do it?", Asked the boy.

- "As you like," said the teacher.

- "Any color?", Asked the boy.

- "Any color," said the teacher. "If everyone wore the same colors, how would I know who did what and which was which?"

- "I don't know," replied the boy and started to make a red flower with a green stem.

Tale ofHelen Buckley.

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