Parents should put the girls on hold: yes or no?

Many parents doubt whether or not to put earrings on girls, when they are born. Do you think it is advisable for parents to put earrings on a newborn baby? Whether it is of our own free will or because family or friends remind them of it, parents are often taken, although we are not very clear about it, to put our little girl pending. Of course, it is not a priority issue, but some parents do not hesitate and put the earrings on their daughter, while others continue to think that marking the gender of their little girl through this type of "piercing" is not for them.

Aside from all the discussion of putting or marking the girl for her gender, other parents worry that these little ornaments could cause pain to such a tiny creature. Or that it may bother you with some inflammation of your earlobe, they are afraid that they can get infected. Before, putting earrings on girls was done by mothers or grandmothers in a traditional way, with a disinfected needle and a thread that they left in the place of the hole.

Nowadays they are usually put in the pharmacy: the bravest or with more aim, clean and disinfect the area well, paint some small marks so that the earrings are centered and pierce the earlobes using a gun that presses the earring (with somewhat pointed) over the ear.

In a short time and cleanly, the baby will wear her first earrings, although she will surely go through some fright, especially because of the sound that the gun makes and also some pain. Pharmacy earrings should be left on until the wound heals, the area should be washed properly and the earring rotated so that it does not stick to the wound.

Also look for possible infections or allergies. Once the hole has healed, we can change the earrings for others made of gold and a flat screw nut that are more comfortable for babies. Small ball earrings are more suitable, better than hoop earrings or those that, due to their size, can get caught in the baby's clothes, causing discomfort or even tears in the lobe.

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