What is the Parent Plan for weaning the baby

The need that many mothers have to be able to sleep three hours at a time is what usually prompts them to seek night-time weaning of their little ones; This happens because as our babies grow, and they are used to sleeping on their mother's breast, co-sleeping becomes increasingly uncomfortable (they move a lot, invade all space).

In addition, there comes a time in their development in which they no longer breastfeed for nutritional need, but for other reasons: they seek physical contact, the presence of the mother, they use the breast as a transition to fall asleep again during cycle changes. .. On our site we explain how to implement the Sire Plan to be able to carry out night weaning in the most respectful way possible.

Basically, the Father Plan will consist of the father, or another person of reference, who comforts and returns to accompany and help the baby to sleep when he wakes up. Said like this, I'm sure that more than one of you is an impossible feat to achieve, but we are going to go step by step:

- Reach an agreement: it is something basic, and it seems logical. But it is essential that both parties agree, and that they know what to expect, how to act at all times.

- Be fully convincedWeaning is an important decision in the development of the baby and in the relationship of both.

- Be tolerant: This is directed at the mother. It is important that you know that the father of the child has his ways and ways of comforting your child, you must trust him. And although the method does not try at all to let the baby cry, it is true that it will probably take a little longer to console.

- Before starting it the father should be present in the son's life, try to put him to sleep sometime, comfort him when something goes wrong. We should not implement this method if you have never slept or at least tried to put the little one to sleep.

- They can initiate joint routines involving both parents at the time of going to sleep, and little by little the mother withdraws; until it is the father who ends up sleeping or being close to the baby. It may take more than one night, it is normal if at first the child rebels, and cries until the mother takes care of him.

- Put dad in the middle: it can be a transitional way to implement the method, making it the father the first baby meets when he is unveiled. Let him be the one who tries to comfort you and help you get back into sleep. It is applicable in the case of co-sleeping. If the little one sleeps separately, the father will be the first to attend to him. There comes a time when the child tolerates the father, and then he will demand his presence.

- Don't feel guilty you are giving your child more independence, respecting his rhythms (remember that we do not let him cry without consolation). And give your partner more prominence and security in raising your child. They will tighten the ties.

- A good way to do it would be start slowlyThat the baby get used to spending time with his father, that he sometimes sleep with him. And start these changes during the day, so when we start to implement the method it will not be so abrupt.

- Once implemented, after the last take of the night, the father finishes sleeping as he sees fit, in his arms, by his side, with a song.

- If he cries, and the father is not able to comfort him; the mother should calm him down, when you are calm; the father goes back into action, to try to put him to sleep.

- If we seek to break the chest-sleep association it is important that do not fall asleep to the chest. Don't use it as a transition object between one cycle and another.

- If you practice co-sleeping, the father can put himself between the two (mother and son), in such a way that his breast does not smell and he does not feel so much need to suckle.

- In awakenings the father will always be the first to attend to the child.

With patience this method is good, not only so that the baby sleeps better and that the mother can rest more; It will be very good for the relationship between the father and the baby, establishing strong bonds between them.

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