The turtle technique to avoid tantrums in children

Exists A technique used by many psychologists to teach younger children to control their emotions and impulses. It is especially suitable for more nervous children, children prone to tantrums because they do not know how to control their anger and rage.

The technique is called 'The Manolita turtle', and you too can learn to use it. We tell you how to do it.

This is the story you must tell your child. The history of the Manolita turtle:

'I know a turtle called Manolita, who gets into a lot of trouble. When he is at school and he sees that the exercises are not going well, he breaks them. When the teacher scolds him, he gets angry. And if someone accidentally pushes her in the yard, she hits her.

But Manolita doesn't feel good doing all this. It feels very sad. He knows he shouldn't have done that, but at that moment he feels very angry and cannot think.

One day when Manolita was very sad because her teacher had punished her, she found a much older and very experienced turtle. The turtle said:

- Manolita, don't you realize that the solution to your problems lies in the shell? When you feel that rage, you have to get into the shell and count to 10.

Manolita decided to try. When someone pushed him unintentionally, he crawled into his shell and counted to 10. And also when things went wrong or he was scolded ... And it worked! Coming out of the shell, she no longer felt angry and he was much better. '

This technique is very useful for nervous children, with behavior problems and even for children with ADHD. To make it work, you have to remind him of the story and also that he should count to 10 each time he feels the urge to yell, break something or hit.

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Video: Teaching The Turtle Technique (August 2021).