Why are nephews so important to aunts and uncles

Perhaps motherhood and fatherhood are the most important experience in a family. But there is a bond that is also very powerful and above all, very special. And no, this time we are not referring to grandparents. Do you find out?

Aunts and uncles are magical for children. But ... what about what the nephews brings to them? We explain what makes a nephew so special to aunts and uncles.

1. They are like your children but without so many responsibilities. The relationship is ideal: aunts and uncles share wonderful moments with their nephews, but they know that it is a moment, and that when it comes time to go to bed, or to wake them up for school ... their parents will be there to put up with their complaints and reproaches.

2. You feel like you are a child again. Best of all, it's like suddenly turning back time and becoming a child again. Without caring! No one is going to judge you ... you are the uncle! In fact, they are your best companions in madness. Nephews make you bring out your funniest and comical side. Uncles put aside complexes and fears. Should we play jumping in puddles? Well it's done!

3. For your nephews you would do anything. They don't have to ask you twice. If your nephew needs something ... what's more, if he needs you ... you'll be there, on time, for your appointment. Nephews have that special power to mobilize you and make you leave everything, no matter how important, in order to see them happy.

4. They tell you things that they don't tell their parents. Many times you are confidant of your nephews. What they are afraid to tell their parents ... they tell you. Aunts and uncles share secrets with their nephews, and unless they are very, very important, they will never tell. Confidentiality is very important. In addition, there is a pact of sincerity. With them you can always tell the truth. They expect sincerity from you. If you don't like his hairstyle that day, tell him. And then you spend your time combing her hair again.

5. They keep you in touch with your siblings. Thanks to the nephews, you maintain the bond with your brothers. You call them more, you do your best to go see them ... even though you actually know. They are just the excuse. What you really want is to see their children!

6. They are a balm for sadness. It's seeing your nephews, and it changes your face. What's more, suddenly you feel more energetic and forget the sorrows. That your nephew wants you to carry him on his back? You even forget that you were tired!

7. They make you feel special. You are very, very important to them. As soon as they see you, they give you the most beautiful: their love. Suddenly they prepared a drawing for you, a play ... They did it for you, and they make you feel really important. Nephews listen to you, understand you, have fun with you ... they are vitamins for your self-esteem!

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