How to change children's behavior with Mindfulness

The Mindfulness Technique It involves paying attention to the present moment, to what you are doing at a given moment. Its origin is meditation, only that it focuses on becoming aware of the present moment, in the present moment, because often what happens to us is that we lose our lives.

We tell you how can you change the behavior of your children starting with changing yours with mindfulness.

There really isn't that much stress in the present. Anxiety comes from things that happened or that have not happened yet. Therefore, if Mindfulness helps us live in the present, anxiety and anguish are largely avoided. And this in turn creates calm and eliminates stress.

When a father or mother is experiencing a stressful situation with their child, what we should do is focus on ourselves as adults. If the girl, for example, has a tantrum, it is the father and mother, as adults, who should 'sustain' the tantrum. At that moment the girl cannot stop to breathe. There, if the father practices Mindfulness, the first thing he does is:

- Stop and think about what you are feeling on an emotional level. Do I feel angry, helpless, tired ...?

- Analyze the thoughts at that moment. Do I think that she is a spoiled girl, that she is capricious ...?

- I realize, breathe ... and I can see from another side that tantrum.

And perhaps what arises is either to hold her in your arms, caress her or wait by the side ... and whatever you do, you are doing it from an important consciousness. You are doing what you want to do, and you don't lose your bearings, because you are able to distance yourself and see it from another point of view. The tantrums pass.

Parents who practice Mindfulness they are capable of changing everything around them. At the time when a parent with children with tantrums practices MIndfulness, tantrums decrease. If your behavior changes, the behavior of the other changes. It is the effect of Mindfulness.

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