The rap of the lamb. Poems to educate

Throughout school life, a child will have to face countless times when speaking to the class. Many children get so nervous that it is a problem for them.

In We suggest you read this fun to your child Lamb rap by Marisa Alonso Santamaría, an educational poem to lose your fear of speaking in public.

He got so nervous

if I had to sing,

who was left without a voice

and he had a terrible time.

But when i was alone

I wouldn't stop bleating

he was just speechless

if others listened.

The quiquiriquí rooster

and her friend the parrot,

for me to sing

They bought him a cap.

A fun contest

between the two they invented,

"Make a witty rap"

and they signed it up for the contest.

They said to the little lamb

I had to bleat

put on the cap

and think about enjoying.

To look at friends

and forget the others,

tell you the story

with rhythm and normality.

Little by little the little lamb

He blew, he blew hard,

he listened to his friends

and he forgot all of them.

And the little lamb bleated

with more rhythm every time,

the half side cap

spinning upside down.

Their bleats were loud

their movements too.

won the rap contest

and lost his shyness.

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