How they are made and how babies are born

Speak how babies are born It is not always easy for children, especially when they are very young and we know that it will be difficult for them to really understand how babies are made and how they are born. The stork, this elegantly dressed character in such white feathers, flying and holding in his beak a baby wrapped in a piece of cloth across the sky to the window of the waiting family, is still the salvation of many parents, incredible as it may be look.

Apparently there are still families that use the stork to explain to children how babies get home. In fact, there are videos as beautiful on the Internet as the one I have found these days. It is a cartoon video in which a lot of storks appear taking the babies to their new homes. Human babies, cat babies, dog babies… they all emerge from small pieces of clouds.

But not all babies born are as peaceful as these. In a dark cloud, babies of crocodiles, hedgehogs ... are born, putting the life of the stork that has been carried at risk and showing that not all storks are privileged.

How babies are born is counted in a tender, beautiful, funny way and with a lot of humor, and your child is sure to love it. And even if your son likes it, don't expect him to be satisfied. Questions about his birth will remain on the agenda. And depending on how old he is, you have to tell him the truth, little by little, with a lot of patience and confidence.

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