How a Guatemalan mother lives in Madrid

I am Andrea, mother of Paula of 8 months. I am Guatemalan and now I live in Madrid. We went through Spain because my husband is Spanish and since his project in Chile (where we live for several years) had finished, we would spend a vacation and then go to a new destination.

However, everything changed when we found out that she was pregnant. We decided that the entire pregnancy and the birth of our little girl would be in Madrid and the adventure began!

Like all newcomers, she knew little about pregnancies and as a newcomer foreigner she didn't even have a known doctor. Without many references and two attempts later, I found an excellent doctor who advised us on hospitals and helped us a lot throughout the pregnancy.

The first three months of pregnancy were difficult due to nausea, but from the second trimester everything went wonderfully. Although I was able to travel to my country for a few weeks and share my joy with family and friends, I missed that love and company of my mom and my sister during the wait. Thanks to the apps and social networks we were always in contact, but I'm sure it would have been better in person.

Customs are very different from one country to the other. In Guatemala it is customary to celebrate baby showers, here in Spain not. There you can also talk by phone or send a message by WhatsApp to your doctor if you have any questions, not here.

The differences were not felt only during pregnancy. My baby was born and even more emerged; in one country a postpartum girdle is used, in the other few women use it. There they put earrings on babies in the hospital at birth, here you have to go to a pharmacy from the second month. The climate is very different, the order and frequency of the vaccinations, the customs regarding the age at which they should go to kindergarten ... and this is just beginning!

As I have adapted to motherhood within my new environment I have learned from my sisters-in-law, from friends and from mothers I see in the park or in the supermarket.

I am very happy, my daughter has two countries, two cultures and a lot of love to receive.

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