Toxic erythema in the newborn

Newborn skin is so delicate that dermatological problems affect the vast majority of babies. Some of these skin diseases have risks and others are harmless, but they do not scare new parents any less. It is the case of toxic erythema, a skin rash of newborns that does not present risks but many worries.

Toxic erythema is a skin condition that occurs from unknown causes and does not pose any risk to the baby's health. It is a fairly common skin problem, since it affects one in three newborns and can appear within a few hours of birth or arise after a few days or even a few weeks. Its appearance frightens the parents of the newborn, but does not really need medical treatment.

These rashes on the skin are usually small bumps with a yellowish or white color reddening the surrounding area. They appear mainly on the baby's face, trunk and extremities and the pustules appear and disappear in different areas in a matter of hours. Toxic erythema disappears by itself in a few weeks and the doctors insist they have no complications.

But that toxic erythema does not require medical treatment does not mean that parents should not be concerned about the appearance of these skin rashes. At the time of its appearance, the baby must be taken to the pediatrician so that he can rule out other skin lesions that may lead to complications for the baby's health.

Erythema toxicity is not the only skin condition in newborns. Almost as common as erythema is acne, milia, and infant dermatitis, but they all disappear on their own or, in some cases, with simple medical treatments. Other skin problems in babies are newborn spots and hemangiomas, as well as spider veins.

Before any skin disturbance of the baby it is necessary to go to the doctor, although it is not necessary to be alarmed since they are normal, frequent and controlled skin problems. But in any case, it must be taken into account that the baby's skin has yet to undergo many changes, so it is advisable to wait a little before the baby's first bath and not overdo it in applying soaps or creams.

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