Body signals that speak to children's health

Often the body sends us signals to warn that something is wrong. Stools change color to warn of a problem in the stomach or mucus stops being clear to indicate that the body is fighting an infection.

Learn to interpret body language and you will know how healthy your child is. We teach you to identify certain diseases based on all these signs. You have collected information on the various signs that something is wrong with your child's health. Did you know that mucus becomes thicker because it must fight infection? Or that the color of the urine tells us if there is dehydration? Watch out for all these signs.

Children's snot. All children have snot. But do you know what their snot is telling us? Perhaps they indicate that there is an infection, or are just snot from an allergy. We help you identify them.

The color of the baby's stool. Baby's poop can also be brown: green, white, red or yellowish, and each color tells us about its diet and also other factors. What happens if the baby makes green poop.

Stains on the nails. It is very common to have suffered from leukonychia on occasion. From the technical name it is difficult to know what disorder it refers to, but it is those whitish spots that appear on children's nails. On our site we tell you what they are due to.

The color of urine. The color of pee or urine can give us more information than we think about the health of our children. Here is a list of the main causes that change the color of urine in children. Pee can change its hue and color if the child has an infection, for example.

What do children's nails tell us? The health status of a child can also be assessed through visual observation of different parts of the body. Through the state of children's nails we can know if they have a vitamin deficiency in the diet, lack of iron, circulatory problems or infections.

A spot in the eye that detects cancer. We tell you how you can detect a type of cancer in the eyes of children with a photograph. For this you must use a flash. We tell you what to observe.

Children's moles. We teach you to differentiate the different types of moles in children. What can make us suspect that a spot or mole is not normal.

The language of children. The tongue is one of the parts of the body that best measures the health of the body and through its color and texture we can learn more about the health status of children.

Whitish tongue. The causes of whitish tongue in children. our site tells us why some children and babies suffer from whitish tongue. Health problems in children.

Different eruptions. Baby's skin is very delicate, so much so that it often shows an allergic reaction, dermatitis, eczema or pimples during the first months. Depending on the type of rash that your skin shows, it will be one disease or another, learning to recognize them will be useful.

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